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We have a sales team that consists of 11 outside sales associates and 1 independent distributor representative.  This team has significant industry experience with the products we sell.  They are a valuable resource and available to help you in your business.  Whether it is providing product expertise, helping you with product marketing support, or just a resource to assist with any business – our sales team is trained and ready

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Cassandra Barry
Cassandra Barry
Regional Sales Manager LP Equipment for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont.
Call Cassandra at 413-822-7222
E-mail Cassandra at
Randy Burns
Randy Burns
Regional Sales Manager for Indiana, Western Michigan & Chicago Metro for LP, Hearth and Grills.
Call Randy at 260-413-0236
E-mail Randy at rburns@raymurray.com
Chris CameronChristopher Cameron
Regional Sales Manager LP Equipment for New Jersey, Long Island, NY & Pennsylvania.
Call Chris at 215-347-4232
E-mail Chris at ccameron@raymurray.com
Bob Rosenbaum
Walter Carroll
Hearth & Grill Specialist for New Jersey & Pennsylvania.
Call Walter at 413-464-6861
E-mail Walter at wcarroll@raymurray.com
Greg Dengler
Greg Dengler
Regional Sales Manager for Florida, Alabama & Southern Georgia for LP, Hearth and Grills.
Call Greg at 267-374-1512
E-mail Greg at gdengler@raymurray.com
Greg Dengler
Shaun Huggins
Hearth & Grill Specialist for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhodee Island & Vermont.
Call Shaun at 413-281-4864
E-mail Shaun at shuggins@raymurray.com

Woody Markus
Woody Markus
Regional Sales Manager for Ohio & Eastern Michigan for LP, Hearth and Grills.
Call Woody at 419-345-1240
E-mail Woody at wmarkus@raymurray.com
Chris NewkirkKirk Meloney
Regional Sales Manager - Hearth & Grill Specialist for Maine & New Hampshire.
Call Kirk at 603-387-2551
E-mail Kirk at kirk.meloney@outlook.com
Chris NewkirkChris Newkirk
Regional Sales Manager for Delaware, Maryland & Virginia for LP, Hearth and Grills.
Call Chris at 859-585-7680
E-mail Chris at cnewkirk@raymurray.com
Bob Rosenbaum
Bob Rosenbaum
Regional Sales Manager for
New York State (except for: NYC, Westchester & Long Island) for LP, Hearth and Grills..
Call Bob at 413-822-9056
E-mail Bob at brosenbaum@raymurray.com
Paul SchwartzPaul Schwartz
Regional Sales Manager - Hearth & Grill Specialist for NYC, Westchester & Long Island.
Call Paul at 516-668-1669

E-mail Paul at principledmarketing1@gmail.com

Bob Rosenbaum
Ben Brewer
Regional Sales Manager for
Eastern North Carolina.
Call Ben at 919-922-8351
E-mail Ben at bbrewer@bestandlangston.com

Bob Rosenbaum
Phillip Briggs
Regional Sales Manager for
Kentucky, Tennesee, West Virginia & Western Maryland.
Call Phillip at 304-633-9508
E-mail Phillip at pbriggs@bestandlangston.com
Bob Rosenbaum
Michael McFadden
Regional Sales Manager for
South Carolina & Georgia.
Call Michael at 803-530-1478
E-mail Michael at mmcfadden@bestandlangston.com
Kevin Bayley
Kevin Bayley
LP Business Development Manager
Call Kevin at 413-281-9023
E-mail Kevin at